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Savanna Walkabout Overview
This overview provides a summary of each section of the module, the key questions and understandings. [pdf 118.4 kb]

Burning Issues Overview
This overview provides a summary of each section of the module; the key questions, understandings and what the learner is doing. [pdf 75.6 kb]

Outback Mobs Overview
This overview summarises each section of the module with key questions, understandings and learning outcomes. [pdf 685.5 kb]

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Teach Savannas

Background Teacher Knowledge

What are tropical savannas?

Answers to this and other questions are found in Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching and Learning Materials


This section provides materials related to the student modules which are underpinned by an educational rationale, using an inquiry-based framework and adopting a constructivist approach.

Savanna Walkabout is a learner-centred interactive module for biodiversity conservation in the Tropical Savannas biome.

Savanna Walkabout Teaching Guide (see menu at left) provides:


Burning Issues logo

Burning Issues focuses on the role of fire in northern Australia and why it needs to be managed for sustainability of people's lives, property and the environment. 







Outback Mobs explores the history, significance and sustainability of cattle grazing in northern Australia.